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Google will punish you if you don’t have a mobile friendly website

When looking through facebook or twitter you spot something that catches your eye with a link taking you to said excitement, you click on it, waiting for it to really hit you and…. Home page. Something must be wrong, it still says home page, you can barely read it! You’re peeved, and tell yourself you’ll […]

Instagram for E-Commerce

Instagram is the up and coming social media platform to be using – currently they have over 300 million active monthly users. They’ve jumped from 13% of internet users using the platform to 26% in the last 2 years and it’s a trendy, easy to use platform that connects to Facebook and Twitter with the […]

Increasing of Digital Marketing

More and more companies are increasing there digital marketing, especially through social media. This proves how important it is to stay up to date when it comes to the new developments of the digital environment.

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