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Redfire Digital is a strategic agency with some heavy weight experienced strategists & thinkers.

Once we have a robust strategy in place, we then go to the drawing board to deliver kick-ass creative that will deliver on your campaign and needs.  We will help you transact, engage, communicate, measure and grow with customers on any digital marketing platform.


Service Summary

The key elements for developing an effective digital strategy includes; Planning, Creation, Deployment and Evaluation. Each of these stages overlap into the next to deliver a coherent digital campaign. Combined, they deliver an ongoing digital strategy as the audience and brand perception evolves.

1. Planning

Determine aims and objectives, brand background, audience by segments and audience location.

2. Creation

Design and Build campaign elements and channels, Planning and establishing deployment routes.

3. Deployment

Building the campaign timeline, Delivery, Sampling and Recording of salient information.

4. Evaluation

Evalauating KPI’s, fiscal achievement, reviewing engagement.


Service Summary

A mobilised website or “responsive website” automatically formats content and layout to suit the electronic device that is being used ensuring readability – whether it is a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Don’t be in danger of Google lowering your site’s SEO ranking. Mobile users are given priority as the digital world continues to grow.

We are specialists in responsive web design – take a look at our recent work with Context Architects, Bundy Juice, Market Place, and Julian Lofts or play with the sizing of our website and you will see how the content formats to the screen size.


Service Summary

Social media helps enhance a brand’s potential, create customer dialogue and develop loyal customers. It can help drive additional traffic to their website, grow their database and spread their message cost effectively. Our team of dedicated social media experts can take brands from any industry and regardless of their size can breathe life into their social media campaigns.

Redfire Digital will not only develop a social media campaign or establish a profile but can help you manage your social media activity. For example, Redfire Digital can write content for Facebook or Twitter, develop Facebook apps, manage customer dialogue, run competitions, grow Facebook “Likes”, create Pinterest walls or develop blogs for your business.





  • Digital Advertising
  • Online Marketing
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Optimised
  • Digital Design
  • Online catalogue and e magazines

    Online catalogue and e magazines

    Online catalogue and e magazines

  • DermaLab skincare

    DermaLab skincare

    Online marketing campaign

  • Tanoa Hotels

    Tanoa Hotels

    Internet marketing campaign + microsites

  • Savar Skincare

    Savar Skincare

    Online marketing campaign case study

  • PAL


    Digital marketing campaign

  • Context Architects

    Context Architects

    Demystifying the architectural process

  • Reddy Group

    Reddy Group

    A clean and responsive corporate digital solution

  • Bundy Juice

    Bundy Juice

    A fun & fresh responsive website

  • Diabetes NZ – Auckland Branch

    Diabetes NZ – Auckland Branch

    A modern, responsive website

  • The Giant Poppy

    The Giant Poppy

    Art Project

  • Market Place

    Market Place

    Brand strategy and marketing campaign



    Responsive website and Brand identity

  • VaViking


    Dual multi-language sites for new infant formula brand

  • New Zealand School Of Tourism

    New Zealand School Of Tourism



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